Terms and conditions of use

Sales Policy

Please no experimenting with parts, tools, or any items we sell, if you not know what you are ordering, consult with your mechanic at your own expense. We sell based of MFR PN, MIL-SPEC or NSN. Pictures are only for references-only.

Payment terms and Prices

Our terms are 1% - 15 days - net 30. Accounts in arrears are subject to both shipment hold and production hold. Any un-paid invoices over 45 days will be subject to outside collections at an additional 30% to recover unpaid invoices. Freight is F.O.B. shipping point. Prices for special tools are subject to re-quote after 30 days and catalog prices are subject to change upon notice. Accepted forms of payment are Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover.


Cancellations of orders for “standard catalog product” can be made at no charge, providing the tools have not been shipped and we have not incurred labor expense to finish to a specific size or altered standard markings or packaging. A cancellation fee will be charged in proportion to the amount of the cost accumulated on the order prior to cancellation.

Customer Alterations

AVIONIC SUPPLY cannot be responsible for the performance of or compliance to specifications, nor can we accept, for return, any tool that has been altered in any way by our customers. This includes surface treatments, coatings, flats, tangs, markings, or any geometry alterations.

Product Warranty

We guarantee our products will conform to the specifications listed on customer blueprints, orders, and quotation requests. Dimensions, specifications, and tolerances not listed will be furnished to the current manufacturing standards. Our warranty is limited to the repair, replacement, or full credit for the tools found not to be within specifications, at our option.

Returned Goods

Always contact our customer service department to obtain a “returned Material authorization number” (RMA) prior to returning any Material, All claims must be made no later than 10 days after receipt of merchandise. Customer must be responsible for freight cost. Provided item has not been misused or abused in any form or shape. We will issue full credit for the returned product. If the returned product is in good condition and was not use, alter, modified etc. If not or any items return without an RMA, a 30% restocking charge will apply.

Minimum Orders

Minimum order $50.00 All prices quoted in U.S. dollars. Overseas shipments are available with your own freight forwarder of choice. Contact us to make arrangements.

Credit Card Information

AVIONIC SUPPLY protects your credit card information with the highest level of security. We use a 256 bit (SSL) Secure Socket Layer Technology. This is the most advanced form of security for credit card transactions over the Internet. The way this technology works is when you enter any sensitive information when it leaves your computer it gets mixed up. The information stays mixed up until it reaches our secure server. Once in our server it is put back in order by the same source that mixed it up and then used for its intended purpose. The data cannot be read while being transferred and the only source that can unscramble it is the source that scrambled it to start with, and that is located on our server. After your order is shipped and we have received payment from our merchant AVIONIC SUPPLY, Inc destroys all credit card information. The total time your information is retained in our secure server is approximately 48 hours.

Electronic Mail

AVIONIC SUPPLY will never sell your e-mail address to any company for any reason. The only mail you will receive is from our site. The only way you will receive mail from us is if you choose the opt-in option on our shopping cart page, or in the event you make a purchase we send your invoice via e-mail.